Longqi Beauty Brazilian Body Wave Remy Review

Longqi Beauty Brazilian Body WaveAbout Longqi Beauty

Longqi Beauty is a 15 year old manufacture of high quality 100% human hair extensions.  If you’re looking for super high quality human hair weave at incredibly low prices then you’ve come to the right place. This is my review of Longqi Beauty virgin Brazilian Body Wave Remy human hair in burgundy or 99j# purplish red according to Longqi Beauty.

Longqi Beauty Shipping BoxShipping and Packaging

I originally ordered the Longqi Beauty Brazilian Body Wave Human hair on a Wednesday and received my package the  following Friday. As always, I made sure to use my Amazon Prime Free two-day shipping to expedite their arrival. The hair bundles came nice and neatly packaged in white box with the Longqi Beauty logo printed across the top. Inside I found three individually plastic wrapped human hair bundles in 14, 16 and 18 inch lengths without any heavy chemical smell which is always a good sign of a good virgin Remy hair. This will usually mean that the hair has not been treated, processed or filled with any synthetic strands. Authentic virgin Remy hair should be unprocessed and in it’s rawest and purest form,completely free of anything that would chemically alter the texture of the hair, other than dye or hair coloring.  These Longqi Beauty Brazillian Remy  bundles in 7A grade had a true luster and shine. Each bundle was bound nicely and appeared to the eye to be truly 100 grams.  Longqi Beauty even has a 15 day free return policy should you be crazy enough to want to return these bundles of joy…

Testing Longqi Beauty Brazilian Body Wave Remy’s AuthenticityLongqi Beauty Brazilian Body Wave Texture

I usually go through a couple of processes to make sure that a hair is of good quality and authentic. The first thing that I like to do is my shed test. You can easily do this by running your fingers through a hair bundle to see if shedding occurs. In the case of the Longqi Beauty Brazilian Body Wave Remy there was little to no shedding. These bundles were healthy, thick and soft.  After doing this, I then move onto using a wide tooth comb and pass it through the hair two or three times. The Longqi Brazilian Body Wave Remy came tangle free and without any visible split-ends.With the few strands that did come out, I kept to them to the side to perform my burn test. The Longqi Brazilian Body Wave bundles came tangle free and without any visible split-ends. Real 100% human hair will burn and produce a white smoke with the hair turning to white ash, while synthetic hair will produce a black smoke and will roll into a sticky little black ball that can be rolled between your fingers. We are all familiar with the smell of human hair burning. so just follow your nose. These Longqi Beauty bundles passed all my test and are ready for install.

Coco Going Loco Brazilian Body Wave Curls Demo

My Initial Thoughts of Longqi Beauty Virgin Brazilian Body Wave

These Longqi Beauty Body Wave bundles are really luxurious straight out the box. The natural sheen and shine of these bundles put them among some of the best quality human hair bundles that I have seen at this price point. The Grade 7a quality can be easily compared to Virgin Brazilian Remy hair costing three times as much. The one thing that I love about these Longqi Beauty Brazilian Body Wave bundles compared to Malaysian, Peruvian or Indian Remy hair is that the Brazilian Body Wave bundles tend to give you that sexy exotic look. From the initial touch this hair is silky soft with just the right wave to give it that dense, full body look. Longqi Beauty’s Brazilian Remy hair is extremely versatile due to the coarseness. This allows Brazilian Remy the ability to withstand heat from straightening and curling as well as the stress from bleach, coloring and even perms.

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Curling Longqi Beauty Brazilian Body Wave Remy

All I can say is that these virgin hair bundles hold curls incredibly! I curled this hair using both a flat iron and a wand curler at temperatures as high as 450 degrees. Even after being exposed to such high heat, the hair remained shiny and healthy looking. You can see the noticeable difference between the flat iron curls versus the wand curler curls in pictures below.

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Straightening Longqi Beauty Body Wave Brazilian Remy

The Longqi Beauty Brazilian Body Wave Remy responds beautifully to heat. It holds its body wave texture even after blow-drying this hair after a co-washing. I used a ceramic flat iron to straighten this hair and experienced very little shedding or loss of shine and luster. These Longqi Beauty Brazilian Body Wave bundles are extremely versatile and can be worn in their natural body wave state, curled or straightened.
Washing Care Instructions For Longqi BundlesWashing – Longqi Beauty Body Wave Brazilian Remy

After the firsts two weeks of wearing this hair, I co-washed it with only olive oil conditioner. The Longqi Beauty hair washed clean without any bubbling which is usually a sign of chemical processing, further proving my initial test to be correct. I also co-washed the hair during the two months that I used it and it remained very soft with very little shedding and kept its natural sheen and vibrant color.  During the first drying process I braided the hair after it had air dried a bit which gave it sort of a water wave look and texture.  Other times I scrunched the hair with a towel while drying to help it keep its original body wave look and feel. To add to its versatility the hair responds beautifully to heat from a blow dryer or ceramic flat iron.

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Dying and Bleaching These Bundles

I didn’t dye this set of Longqi Beauty Brazilian Body Wave because the hair had already been colored and I didn’t want it to become over-processed and lose its natural luster. The hair dye used by Longqi Beauty did remain bright and vibrant after several washes and plenty of styling under intense heat.

Product Specs:

Longqi Beauty Brazilian Remy Body Wave 7A Grade
Material: 100% Unprocessed Virgin, Real Human Hair.
Weight: Each bundle is 100grm (+/-5g) = 3.2-3.5oz.
Color: 99j# Purplish Red (Burgundy)
8″ – 18″ inches

Bundles can be purchased individually or in lots; 3pcs/Lot; 4pcs/Lot; 5pcs/lot; 10pcs/lot; Mixed and Wholesale.